New Orleans Saints 2019 Draft Day Trades: Erik McCoy had better be a Pro Bowler

The New Orleans Saints receive an official “F” grade from your benevolent dictator. Look, I know the Saints could be Super Bowl contenders in 2019 and they have to be “all in” while the Drew Brees window is still open, but giving up a 2020 second round pick to move up 14 spots from No. 62 to No. 48 is too short-sighted. Second round picks should be treated like gold. Starters are available on cheap four-year contracts for any competent GM and scouting department, and the Saints lit their 2020 second rounder on fire. As a Panthers fan, this pleases me. As benevolent dictator of Trade Down Island, this strategy angers me.

The net result of their draft day wheeling and dealing looks like this:

Began with: No. 62 (2nd), No. 168 (5th), No 202 (6th); 2020 2nd Rd.
Ended with: No. 48 (2nd), No. 105 (4th)

I actually applaud the Saints for getting No. 105 instead of Nos. 168 and 202. There is much greater value available at No. 105 than the two later picks. But once again, giving up next year’s second round pick to move up 14 spots this year is simply awful draft day strategy. Now, the Saints could prove me wrong if Erik McCoy blossoms into a Pro Bowler. Then again, his value will need to be compared to the combined values of WR Andy Isbella (No. 62) and the additional second round pick they gave up in the 2020 draft.

Overall the Saints net trade rating is -227 based on the Dallas Draft Value Chart, which means they gave up significantly more value than they got back in return. I concur.

The Saints often (annoyingly) ask, “Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?” Based on their draft day trade strategy, I think dey gonna beat demsevles.

–Benevolent Dictator

NFC – 2019 Grades:
East: Cowboys | Eagles | Giants | Redskins
North: Bears | Lions | Packers | Vikings
South: Buccaneers | Falcons | Panthers | Saints
West: 49ers | Cardinals | Rams | Seahawks

AFC – 2019 Grades:
East: Bills | Dolphins | Jets | Patriots
North: Bengals | Browns | Ravens | Steelers
South: Colts | Jaguars | Texans | Titans
West: Broncos | Chargers | Chiefs | Raiders

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