Oakland Raiders 2019 Draft Day Trades: Examining the Raiders brilliant trade strategy

The Oakland Raiders made five draft day trades and received an impressive “A-” grade from your benevolent dictator. All teams start with an average “C” grade and then need to impress me in order to move up. I’m a notoriously tough grader and even then the Raiders greatly impressed me by adding significant value with the moves they made. When you net out what the Raiders did, here’s the outcome:

Began with: No. 35 (2nd), No. 140 (5th), No. 218 (7th), No. 235 (7th)
Ended with: No. 40 (2nd), No. 129 (4th), No. 137 (4th), No. 149 (5th), No. 230 (7th)

There is only a small amount of difference between the value of No. 35 (what the Raiders gave up) and No. 40 (what they got back). Trading back five spots in the early second round did little to hurt Oakland’s chances of landing an impact player. There is also little difference between No. 137 and No. 140 as well as No. 230 and No. 235. So when you subtract out those three sets of picks that are approximately equal, here’s the revised net of what the Raiders picked up:

Began with: No. 218 (7th)
Ended with: No. 129 (4th), No. 149 (5th)

Yes, you are reading that right, the Raiders essentially turned the virtually worthless No. 218 (7th) pick into No. 129 (4th) and No. 149 (5th). That is incredible value! That’s weaving straw into gold. That’s draft day alchemy right there. This is how teams significantly improve their chances of landing players on rookie contracts who have the ability to to develop into contributors on dirt-cheap rookie contracts.

Overall the Raiders net trade rating is a +22 based on the Dallas Draft Value Chart, meaning they got back a little more value than they gave up. Your dictator obviously believes the Raiders generated significantly more value than this. Oakland is taking the first steps of re-committing to excellence. As such, they have a standing introduction to move in and live here at TDI with your benevolent dictator.

–Benevolent Dictator

NFC – 2019 Grades:
East: Cowboys | Eagles | Giants | Redskins
North: Bears | Lions | Packers | Vikings
South: Buccaneers | Falcons | Panthers | Saints
West: 49ers | Cardinals | Rams | Seahawks

AFC – 2019 Grades:
East: Bills | Dolphins | Jets | Patriots
North: Bengals | Browns | Ravens | Steelers
South: Colts | Jaguars | Texans | Titans
West: Broncos | Chargers | Chiefs | Raiders

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