Your benevolent dictator’s infallible decrees.

2/17/2019: Lost in Shangri-La was a WWII survival book well worth my invaluable time.
2/16/2019: NBA dunk contest judges are too lenient! “10s” should only be for epic dunks!
2/15/2019: Weekend getaways with an awesome wife is paradise.
2/14/2019: Life is rich when your wife and kids say “I love you” on Valentine’s day.
2/13/2019: The Panthers FB Alex Armah shall be my new head of security.
2/12/2019: BBC Earth’s doc series “Dynasties” pleases your dictator.
2/11/2019: Mondays shall never begin with a 7:00 a.m. conference call.
2/10/2019: Watching James Harden shoot free throws is boring. Henceforth, blood must be drawn for him to get a call.