New England Patriots Draft Day Trades

#18.10 – Pats trade down eight spots in 2nd, from No. 43 to No. 51, pick up extra 4th round pick (No. 117)
#18.14 – Pats practice delayed gratification, trade this year’s 2nd Rd. (No. 51) for a 4th Rd. (No. 105) and an additional 2nd in 2019.
#18.15 – New England trades up seven spots in the 2nd to draft CB Duke Dawson but sacrifice 4th round pick (No. 117) in the process.
#18.23 – Pats trade back nine spots in the 4th to get an extra 6th Rd pick (LB Christian Sam).
#18.24 – Trade-down pats swindled by trade-up Lions! New England trades No. 114 (4th Rd.) for Detroit’s 2019 3rd Rd. (No. 73), but Lions draft All-Rookie DE Da’Shawn hand at No. 114.
#18.33 – Broken record: Patriots trade down again, swapping a 6th rounder for two in the 7th and land special teamer Keion Crossen.
#18.35 – Stop the madness! Eagles and Patriots swap 7th Rd. picks, because, why not?

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