New England Patriots 2019 Draft Day Trades: Lots of trades for the Pats, but very little trade value created

The New England Patriots made a ton of draft day trades, as per usual, but did little to increase their trade value and earned a weak “C+” grade from your benevolent dictator. All teams start with an average “C” grade and then need to impress me in order to move up. The Patriots did little to impress me. Here is the net of what they did:

Began with: No. 56 (2nd), No. 73 (3rd), No. 97 (3rd), No. 101 (3rd), No. 134 (4th), No. 205 (6th), No. 239 (7th), No. 243 (7th), No. 246 (7th)
Ended with: No. 45 (2nd), No. 87 (3rd), No. 101 (3rd), No. 133 (4th), No. 159 (5th), No. 163 (5th) ; 2020 4th Round

We can break things down even further by removing the picks that have essentially the same value. For example, they traded away No. 101 then traded back for it later in the draft so No. 101 can go away. There is almost no difference in No. 133 and No. 134 so those can get removed. Here is the net of the Pats draft day trades when factoring out those two transactions:

Began with: No. 56 (2nd), No. 73 (3rd), No. 97 (3rd), No. 205 (6th), No. 239 (7th), No. 243 (7th), No. 246 (7th)
Ended with: No. 45 (2nd), No. 87 (3rd), No. 159 (5th), No. 163 (5th); 2020 4th Round

In the end, the Pats moved up 11 spots in the 2nd round from No. 56 to No. 45 while moving back 14 spots in the 3rd round from No. 73 to No. 87. That’s a nice trade right there. The kick in the gut, however, is they then gave up No. 97 this year (late 3rd) but got back a 4th round pick in 2020, which is a net negative. At this point the Pats are in negative territory in terms of assets received versus assets given up.

Where the Pats got a little value back is by flipping four basically meaningless picks in Rounds 6-7 (Nos. 205, 239, 243, and 246) for two much earlier picks in the 5th round, No. 159 and No. 163. I would much rather have two picks in the mid-5th than four picks at the very end of the draft. But even with that said, in the end the Patriots did little to improve their draft assets despite the flurry of trades to make it happen.

Overall the Patriots net trade rating is a +41 based on the Dallas Draft Value Chart, meaning they got back quite a bit more value than they traded away. I’m not as high on the Pats strategy as the old-school chart is though. Overall, it was a very “meh” strategy for New England.

–Benevolent Dictator

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West: 49ers | Cardinals | Rams | Seahawks

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