Move In and Become an Official Resident of TDI!

If you like what we stand for here at Trade Down Island, your benevolent dictator invites you to officially move in and become a resident of our tropical NFL paradise. Becoming a resident of TDI not only tells the world that you’re ahead of the curve in understanding draft strategy, but by buying property you’re also helping me pay the bills and keep churning out the free content. This definitely pleases your dictator. Here are your two options:

Please support the TDI cause by moving in and buying your little slice of island paradise. I’m a one-man show running this island (which I love doing) but it helps to get some support along the way.

TDI’s Proud Residents

Beachfront Mansions
19 Jonny U Lane — Panthers — Evolved4 — April 2019
2003 Cardiac Cats Circle — Panthers — JD Smith — April 2019
2018 Lamar Jackson Lane — Ravens — Captain Jack — April 2019
7 Taysom Hill’s Hollow — Saints — Big Nate — April 2019
2105 Eric Dickerson Dr. — Rams — LeRoy McCollum — April 2019
19 Feelin’ Theilen Dr. — Vikings — lisamomo333 — April 2019
12 Broadway Joe St. — Jets — MrNance13 — April 2019

Oceanfront Beach Houses
32 Marcus Allen Loop — Raiders — Mike Romero — April 2019
11 Julio Jones Owns You Dr.– Falcons — Lisa Holdaway — April 2019
241 Stop Trading Down Hurney Pl. — Panthers — USirPurr44 — April 2019