Raiders living #TDI Life! Trade back in 2nd, draft DT P.J. Hall and get extra 3rd round pick; Titans draft LB Harold Landry

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Titans left with
No. 41 – LB Harold Landry

Raiders left with
No. 57 – DT P.J. Hall
No. 89 – Traded No. 89 and No. 217 for No. 87 (Arden Key)

Dictator’s Decree: “Oakland absolutely nailed this trade down strategy. The differences between the quality of players available at No. 41 and No. 57 are slim, but gaining an extra 3rd round pick (No. 89) is great value.” – March 2019

Citizens of Trade Down Island, please join your benevolent dictator in offering a cold, tropical, celebratory drink to the Raiders. I love what they did here. They absolutely followed Article 6 of TDI’s Glorious Constitution which states, “Picks No. 61-100 yield roughly the same production, so aggressively trade back from the mid-second round into the third round.” If you trust your GM and your scouts to nail No. 41, you should trust them to nail No. 57. There is still significant value available at No. 89, the pick the Raiders received for moving back. Well done, Raiders! You have pleased you dictator.

Trade #18.9 – Assets Exchanged
Titans receive: No. 41 (2nd Rd.)
Raiders receive: No. 57 (2nd Rd.), No. 89 (3rd Rd.)

Trade #18.9 – Players Drafted & Transactions

See Trade #18.20 – Raiders traded No. 89 (3rd Rd.) & No. 217 (7th Rd.) for No. 87 (3rd Rd., LB Arden Key).

2018 Year-End Summary
After one year the Titans and Raiders got around equal value out of their second round picks. Both Landry and Hall played around half of the teams’ defensive snaps and were situational starters. The Titans traded up for Landry and may have found a gem with PFF noting he generated 34 QB pressures on 355 pass rushes. Now here’s the but…the Raiders basically turned their extra 3rd round pick (No. 89) into DE Arden Key, giving up just No. 217 to move up two spots to get him. Key started 10 games and appeared in over 60 percent of the Raiders defensive snaps. After one season, clear advantage to the trade-down Raiders!

Notes on statistics:
1. Approximate Value(“AV”) and Snap Counts (“Snap”) per Football Reference.
2. Snap Counts only list offensive and defensive snaps. Special teams snaps are excluded.

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