Seahawks trade down in 1st and draft RB Rashaad Penny, Packers land All-Rookie CB Jaire Alexander

< Trade #18.5: BAL & BUF TEN & BAL: Trade #18.7 >

Packers left with
No. 18 – CB Jaire Alexander
No. 248 – LB Kendall Donnerson

Seahawks left with
No. 27 – HB Rashaad Penny
No. 76 – Traded No. 76 for No. 79 (DT Rasheem Green) and No. 220 (QB Alex McGough)
No. 186 – DE Jacob Martin

Dictator’s Decree: “Our goal at TDI is to encourage teams to smartly trade down. This means teams should stand pat and keep their picks if studs are available, especially in the first round where Pro Bowlers can be found. The Seahawks may have missed out on a stud in CB Jaire Alexander. Sure, Rashaad Penny had a nice rookie year, but elite CBs are fare more valuable than RBs in today’s NFL.” – March 2019

The mantra here at Trade Down Island is, “Unless you’re drafting a stud, trade down!” The Seahawks traded down with the Packers, from No. 18 to No. 27, allowing the Packers to nab CB Jaire Alexander. Alexander made the All-Rookie team and could have provided some much needed talent in a ho-hum Seattle secondary.

The net gain for Seattle in trading down was an additional third round pick which was used on DT Rasheem Green who made little impact as a rookie. The Seahawks had better hope No. 27 overall pick Rashaad Penny develops into a stud because it looks like they passed one up in Jaire Alexander at No. 18.

Trade #18.6 – Assets Exchanged
Packers receive: No. 18 (1st Rd.), No. 248 (7th Rd.)
Seahawks receive: No. 27 (1st Rd.), No. 76 (3rd Rd.), No. 188 (6th Rd.)

Trade #18.6 – Players Drafted & Transactions

See Trade #18.19 – Seattle trades No. 76 (3rd) for No. 79 (3rd) & No. 220 (7th)

2018 Year-End Summary
The Seahawks did end up with quantity by trading down twice. Interestingly, sixth round pick Jacob Martin appeared in all 16 games and played more snaps than Penny (1st Rd.) and Green (3rd Rd.) There is still the chance that all three of these 2018 picks turn out to be contributors in time. Penny, in particular, showed flashes in limited action in 2018.

While the Seahawks got quantity, the Packers appear to have won in terms of quality. CB Jaire Alexander lived up to his billing as the No. 17 pick. PFF ranked Alexander the No. 25 corner in the NFL in 2018, just one spot below Jalen Ramsey.

So after one full season, who won this trade? The quantity approach to the Seahawks, or the quality of Jaire Alexander in Green Bay?

Notes on statistics:
1. Approximate Value(“AV”) and Snap Counts (“Snap”) per Football Reference.
2. Snap Counts only list offensive and defensive snaps. Special teams snaps are excluded.

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