Jets trade down in four pick late-round swap, Vikings trade up for unfortunate Kicker Daniel Carlson

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Vikings left with
No. 167 – K Daniel Carlson
No. 225 – LB Devante Downs

Jets left with
No. 180 – DT Foley Fatukasi
No. 204 – RB Trenton Cannon

Dictator’s Decree: “The Jets swapped a 5th and 7th for two picks in the 6th. They landed RB Trenton Cannon at No. 204 and he actually churned out over 250 yards from scrimmage, not bad for a late round flier. And it looks like the Vikes may have given up way too early on kicker Daniel Carlson.” – March 2019

When the highest selection in a four pick swap is No. 167, our time on Trade Down Island might be better spent reading a novel on one of our pristine beaches than breaking down this transaction. But this trade is different. The Vikings traded up to No. 167 to take kicker Daniel Carlson. Teams trading up for a kicker are normally expecting him to compete for the starting job, which Carlson actually won. But in Week 2 he went 0-for-3 against the Green Bay Packers, including missing a 35-yard game winner. While your benevolent dictator can make 35-yarders in his sleep, I never find joy in the misfortune of others.

Trade #18.31 – Assets Exchanged
Vikings receive: No. 167 (5th Rd.), No. 225 (7th Rd.)
Jets receive: No. 180 (6th Rd.), No. 204 (6th Rd.)

Trade #18.31 – Players Drafted & Transactions

2018 Year-End Summary
While the Vikings cut Daniel Carlson after his Week 2 debacle, it may be the castoff kicker who gets the last laugh. Carlson was signed by the Raiders, won the starting job, and went on to drill 16-of-17 field goals, including all three from 50-plus yards. The Jets, meanwhile, ended up getting decent Year 1 value from RB Trenton Cannon with over 250 yards from scrimmage. Since the Vikings no longer have Carlson and the Jets got some value from Cannon, so far advantage New York.

Notes on statistics:
1. Approximate Value(“AV”) and Snap Counts (“Snap”) per Football Reference.
2. Snap Counts only list offensive and defensive snaps. Special teams snaps are excluded.

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