Seahawks smartly trade up in 5th for All-Pro punter Michael Dickson, Broncos take DE Troy Fumagalli and RB David Williams

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Seahawks left with
No. 149 – P Michael Dickson

Broncos left with
No. 156 – TE Troy Fumagalli
No. 226 – RB David Williams

Dictator’s Decree: “The Seahawks needed a punter and smartly traded up in the 5th to get All-Pro rookie Michael Dickson, only surrendering a generally worthless 7th rounder in the process.” – March 2019

As I preach in TDI’s Glorious Constitution, picks in Rounds 5-7 rarely yield long-term value so these assets should be used to trade up to draft “studs” (by mid-round standards) who may still be on the board. While I normally get excited about teams trading down in the early rounds, I get equally excited about teams trading up in the late rounds to get “their guy.” This is exactly what the Seahawks did by moving up seven spots in the 5th round and having it only cost them No. 226 (7th Rd.). Seattle traded up for punter Michael Dickson who went on to be named All-Pro, Pro Bowler, and All-Rookie. Well done, Seattle!

Trade #18.27 – Assets Exchanged
Seahawks receive: No. 149 (5th Rd.)
Broncos receive: No. 156 (5th Rd.), No. 226 (7th Rd.)

Trade #18.27 – Players Drafted & Transactions

2018 Year-End Summary
I’ve already showered deserved praise on the Seahawks for their smart trade-up strategy. The grade for the Broncos at this point is “IN-COM-PLETE!” (as they like to chant in Denver) because Fumagalli spend the entire season on the IR. Who knows, perhaps he beats the odds and become a stud himself. Only time will tell. And 7th Rd. pick David Williams was at least good enough to be stashed on the practice squad, a higher honor than most players drafted in the 220s. Right now the Seahawks are “kicking” the Broncos butt (punter pun intended, and you are required to laugh at your dictator’s puns) in this trade but let’s give it a few years to see if Fumagalli or Williams amount to anything.

Notes on statistics:
1. Approximate Value(“AV”) and Snap Counts (“Snap”) per Football Reference.
2. Snap Counts only list offensive and defensive snaps. Special teams snaps are excluded.

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