Panthers trade back to No. 101 and take promising TE Ian Thomas plus No. 147, Packers move up to No. 88 for LB Oren Burks

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Packers left with
No. 88 – LB Oren Burks

Packers left with
No. 101 – TE Ian Thomas
No. 147 – Traded No. 147 and No. 197 for No. 136 (DE Marquis Haynes)

Dictator’s Decree: “Well done by my beloved Panthers! There is little difference in the quality of players available at No. 101 vs. No. 88, but in return for trading down Carolina gained an extra 5th (No. 147). Then, at No. 101, they still landed promising TE Ian Thomas. Brilliant!” – March 2019

Your benevolent dictator is a die-hard Carolina Panthers fan. Insult them in my presence and I will have my security forces pummel you as I chant, “Keeeeeeeeep pounding!” It is hard for me to both lead Trade Down Island and watch my beloved Panthers regularly screw up their draft by trading up. But in 2018 GM Marty Hurney actually followed two principles from TDI’s Glorious Constitution:
Article 6: Picks No. 61-100 yield roughly the same production, so aggressively trade back from the mid-second round into the third round as long you don’t violate Article 1.
Article 8: Article 8: Picks in Rounds 5-7 rarely yield value, so use these to trade up for studs this year or a better pick next year.
In the end the Panthers traded back 13 spots (from No. 88 to No. 101) and were still able to draft a promising young tight end in Ian Thomas. Carolina picked up the No. 147 pick (5th round) which they used to move up to No. 136 and draft DE Marquis Haynes. Well done for once, Marty Hurney! Keep living the #TDI life!

Trade #18.21 – Assets Exchanged
Packers receive: No. 88 (3rd Rd.)
Panthers receive: No. 101 (4th Rd.), No. 147 (5th Rd.)

Trade #18.21 – Players Drafted & Transactions

See Trade #18.25 – Carolina traded No. 147 (5th Rd.) & No. 197 to move up to No. 136 (4th Rd.) and draft DE Marquis Haynes.

2018 Year-End Summary
The Packers were clearly looking long term when they drafted LB Oren Burks at No. 88. He joined a Green Bay defense which already featured several veteran linebackers, which is why Burks only played in 11.5% of the team’s defensive snaps as a rookie.

The Panthers, meanwhile, were also looking at TE Ian Thomas as a potential future successor to Greg Olsen but that timeline was pushed up due to Olsen’s lingering injury issues. Thomas was thrust into a prominent role as a rookie and responded. As I previously written for SB Nation’s Cat Scratch Reader (Panthers), Thomas put up 25 receptions for 246 yards over Carolina’s final five games and flashed intriguing potential. But in addition to drafting Thomas the Panthers also received the No. 147 pick (5th Rd.) in the deal. This extra 5th round pick allowed them to move up 61 spots No. 197 to No. 136, from the 6th round into the 4th round, and draft DE Marquis Haynes. Moving up 61 spots represents significant value as well and the Panthers, following TDI’s Glorious Constitution, nailed this trade down strategy.

Notes on statistics:
1. Approximate Value(“AV”) and Snap Counts (“Snap”) per Football Reference.
2. Snap Counts only list offensive and defensive snaps. Special teams snaps are excluded.

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