Buccaneers nail TDI strategy: trade down from No. 7 to No. 12 and draft DT Vita Vea, S M.J. Stewart, and more; Bills nab QB Josh Allen

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Bills ended with
No. 7 – QB Josh Allen
No. 255 – WR Austin Proehl

Buccaneers ended with
No. 12 – DT Vita Vea
No. 53 – S M.J. Stewart
No. 56 – Traded No. 56 for No. 63 (CB Carlton Davis) and No. 117 (S Jordan Whitehead)

Dictator’s Decree: “Bucs swindled a desperate Bills team in need of a QB! There is little difference between No. 7 and No. 12. If you trust your GM and scouts at No. 7, then you should trust them at No. 12. The extra second rounders should become starters on dirt-cheap four-year rookie contracts.”– March 2019

Your benevolent dictator, as an enlightened genius in every matter, is of course a Carolina Panthers fan. As such it pains me to appreciate anything about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an NFC South rival, but I must congratulate them for their spectacular entry into Trade Down Island. The Bucs entered the draft with the No. 7 pick then traded down twice to turn that one pick into four regular contributors in 2018. This may give the Bucs four young, productive players on cheap rookie contracts through 2021, freeing up millions of dollars in cap space for years to come. This, my friends, is the essence of the #TDI life.

Trade #18.2 – Assets Exchanged
Bills receive: No. 7 (1st Rd.), No. 255 (7th Rd.)
Bucs receive: No. 12 (1st Rd.), No. 53 (2nd Rd.), No. 56 (2nd Rd.)

Trade #18.2 – Draft Picks & Transactions

2018 Year-End Summary
The Bills were able to get Josh Allen some valuable experience as a rookie in 2018. His 631 rushing yards and eight rushing touchdowns show his athleticism, but as PFF pointed out he had the NFL’s worst adjusted completion percentage among 38 qualifying quarterbacks. The seventh round pick the Bills received yielded in trading up yielded no value as Austin Proehl was cut before the season began.

For the Bucs, Carlton Davis and Jordan Whtiehead each played more than 60 percent of the team’s defensive snaps and combined for 23 starts and 116 tackles. Vita Vea was named to PFF’s All-Rookie team (but not the NFL’s official all-rookie team.) M.J. Stewart’s impact wasn’t great, but he was good enough to be on the field for nearly 30% of the Bucs’ defensive snaps The risk for the Bucs in trading down, of course, is that Josh Allen develops into a Pro Bowl QB in Buffalo while Tampa Bay continues to struggle behind Jameis Winston or the Ryan Fitzpatrick-type journeymen to replace him.

Vote below on which team won this trade. But I’ll warn you now, my friends, if you don’t vote for the Bucs then your benevolent dictator may take you for a pleasure cruise on his yacht – then force you to walk the plank!

Notes on statistics:
1. Approximate Value(“AV”) and Snap Counts (“Snap”) per Football Reference.
2. Snap Counts only list offensive and defensive snaps. Special teams snaps are excluded.

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