Ravens start with No. 65 and flip it into five different draft picks, Raiders land OT Brandon Parker

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Raiders left with
No. 65 – OT Brandon Parker

Ravens left with
No. 75 – Traded No. 75 for No. 86 (TE Mark Andrews) and No. 122 (LB Kenny Young)
No. 152 – Traded No. 152 for No. 162 (WR Jordan Lasley) and No. 215 (LG Bradley Bozeman)
No. 212 – OT Greg Senat

Dictator’s Decree: “The Ravens traded back 10 spots from No. 65 to No. 75 and gained two more picks in the transaction – No. 152 (5th) and No. 212 (6th). There is little difference between No. 75 vs. No. 65, so why not take some additional lottery tickets in the late rounds? Not bad strategy by Baltimore.” – March 2019

Your benevolent dictator would like to extend a warm, tropical, TDI welcome to the Baltimore Ravens! Their approach pleases me. Baltimore ended up trading down three times from their original No. 65 (3rd Rd.) pick. They first traded down from No. 65 to No. 75 and by virtue of moving down 10 spots they also acquired No. 152 (5th Rd.) and No. 212 which they used on OT Greg Senat. They then flipped No. 75 for No. 86 (3rd Rd.) and No. 122 (4th Rd.).

In the end the Ravens moved down 21 spots in the third round, from No. 65 to No. 86. By virtue of moving down 21 spots they picked up the following assets: No. 122 (4th), No. 162 (5th), No. 212 (6th), and No. 215 (6th). And when considering the Ravens made a fantastic pick at No. 86 in TE Mark Andrews their TDI move looks great.

Trade #18.17 – Assets Exchanged
Raiders receive: No. 65 (3rd Rd.)
Ravens receive: No. 75 (3rd Rd.), No. 152 (5th Rd.), No. 212 (6th Rd.)

Trade #18.17 – Players Drafted & Transactions

See Trade #18.18 – Ravens trade No. 75 (3rd Rd.) for No. 86 (3rd Rd., TE Mark Andrews) & No. 122 (4th Rd., LB Kenny Young).

See Trade #18.28 – Ravens trade No. 152 (5th Rd.) for No. 162 (5th Rd., WR Jordan Lasley) & No. 215 (6th Rd., OG Bradley Bozeman).

2018 Year-End Summary
Please join me, my loyal subjects, in applauding the Baltimore Ravens! They prove one of the key points of TDI’s Constitution that if you trust your scouts and GM to nail No. 65 you should trust them to nail No. 86! This is exactly what the Ravens did by still landing impressive young TE Mark Andrews at No. 86 while picking up a slew of additional picks after trading down three times! Andrews led all rookie TEs with 552 receiving yards so the Ravens basically crushed this trade down scenario like your benevolent dictator crushes peasant uprisings.

But Mark Andrews wasn’t the Ravens only asset from their trade down mastery. LB Kenny Young played well and appeared in over 35 percent of Baltimore’s defensive snaps. Even sixth round flier OG Bradley Bozeman managed to earn 18 percent of offensive snaps. Let’s give this trade a few years to marinate, but after one season this might land the Ravens in the Trade Down Island Hall of Fame.

Notes on statistics:
1. Approximate Value(“AV”) and Snap Counts (“Snap”) per Football Reference.
2. Snap Counts only list offensive and defensive snaps. Special teams snaps are excluded.

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