Buccaneers move back for an extra 4th and take starting CB Carlton Davis and SS Jordan Whitehead, Patriots draft CB Duke Dawson

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Patriots left with
No. 56 – CB Duke Dawson

Buccaneers left with
No. 63 – CB Carlton Davis
No. 117 – SS Jordan Whitehead

Dictator’s Decree: “The bumbling Bucs fleeced the predatory Patriots! By trading back just seven spots in the 2nd round, the Bucs received an extra 4th (No. 117) where contributing players can still be found. They turned those two picks (No. 63 and No. 117) into two rookie starters in CB Carlton Davis and SS Jordan Whitehead. That’s the TDI Life!” – March 2019

The Buccaneers have pleased your dictator! These are the types of trade down scenarios that can yield a ton of value for teams assuming they draft well. At a high level the Buccaneers only moved down seven spots in the 2nd round, from No. 56 to No. 63, where there is no difference in the talent available. If you trust your GM and scouts to nail No. 56, they should obviously also be able to nail No. 63. And in return for moving back just a couple of spots Tampa Bay was rewarded with an extra 4th round pick, No. 117, where quality depth and even some starters can still be found. Well done Buccaneers! Your dictator authorizes you to fire your cannons in celebrations.

Trade #18.15 – Assets Exchanged
Patriots receive: No. 56 (2nd Rd.)
Buccaneers receive: No. 63 (2nd Rd.), No. 117 (4th Rd.)

Trade #18.15 – Players Drafted & Transactions

2018 Year-End Summary
The Patriots get an incomplete on this one since Duke Dawson missed the entire season. The Buccaneers got immediate contributions from both Davis and Whitehead, including a combined 23 starts and each of them playing in more than 60 percent of the team’s defensive snaps. The quantity of play from Dawson and Whitehead was high, but their impact was relatively low with neither of them distinguishing themselves as above average for this positions. But then again they were rookies in 2018 and should have a solid foundation to build on in 2019.

Notes on statistics:
1. Approximate Value(“AV”) and Snap Counts (“Snap”) per Football Reference.
2. Snap Counts only list offensive and defensive snaps. Special teams snaps are excluded.

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