Redskins move back for No. 59 (RB Derrius Guice) and No. 74 (OT Geron Christian), 49ers move up for No. 44 (WR Dante Pettis) and No. 142 (CB D.J. Reed)

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49ers left with
No. 44 – WR Dante Pettis
No. 142 – CB D.J. Reed

Redskins left with
No. 59 – RB Derrius Guice
No. 74 – OT Geron Christian

Dictator’s Decree: “Washington moved back 15 spots in the 2nd round in order to move up 68 spots later in the draft, from No. 142 to No. 74. There is little difference in the talent available in the mid-2nd round, but Washington gained significant value by moving up from the 5th into the 3rd.” – March 2019

Kudos to Washington for pulling off the type of trade that pleases your dictator. At a high level, the Redskins moved back 15 spots in the 2nd round in exchange for moving up 68 spots from the 5th round (No. 142) into the 3rd round (No. 74). As I preach in TDI’s Glorious Constitution, if you trust your GM and scouts to nail No. 44, you should trust them to nail No. 59 as well. The difference in talent at that point in the draft is slim. However, moving up from No. 142 to No. 74 is huge where the talent gap is significant. As I’ve written before, I love me some 3rd round picks because starting quality talent can be found on dirt-cheap four-year rookie contracts. Nicely done Washington!

Trade #18.11 – Assets Exchanged
49ers receive: No. 44 (2nd Rd.), No. 142 (5th Rd.)
Redskins receive: No. 59 (2nd Rd.), No. 74 (3rd Rd.)

Trade #18.11 – Players Drafted & Transactions

2018 Year-End Summary
While the Redskins did the right thing on paper – trading back in the 2nd to get a much better pick in the 3rd – it’s impossible to know how much value they will get from their trade down strategy until Guice and Christian get healthy. Washington got a total of two games from the duo in 2018 rookie seasons because of injury. The 49ers did well for themselves in their trade-up strategy by getting seven starts from Dante Pettis (27 rec, 467 yards), which should be expected from a 2nd round pick, but their 5th rounder, CB D.J. Reed, exceeded expectations with 41 tackles while appearing in over one-third of the team’s defensive snaps. San Francisco is winning this trade after one year by default, and only time will tell who wins this one in the end.

Notes on statistics:
1. Approximate Value(“AV”) and Snap Counts (“Snap”) per Football Reference.
2. Snap Counts only list offensive and defensive snaps. Special teams snaps are excluded.

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